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diff --git a/bin/gorg b/bin/gorg
index 4171338..0c7a952 100755
--- a/bin/gorg
+++ b/bin/gorg
@@ -49,7 +49,6 @@ Available options:
NB: relative paths in xml are from current directory
absolute paths are from {root} in config file
-v, --version : display gorg version number
--I, --index : scan and index xml files
--param N V : parameter name and value to be passed to the XSL processor
It can appear more than once
e.g. gorg<file.xml --param N1 V1 --param N2 V2
@@ -67,12 +66,6 @@ if ARGV.length == 1 and ['-W', '--web'].include?(ARGV[0]) then
elsif ARGV.length == 1 and ['-C', '--clean-cache'].include?(ARGV[0]) then
# Cache clean up requested, do not bother about STDIN
Cache.washCache($Config["cacheDir"], tmout=900, cleanTree=true)
-elsif ARGV.length == 1 and ['-I', '--index'].include?(ARGV[0]) then
- require 'gorg/search'
- # Index xml files, do not bother about STDIN
- gs = GDig::GSearch.new
- gs.cleanup # Remove old files
- gs.indexDir # Scan for new/modified files
elsif ARGV.include?('-F') or ARGV.include?('--filter') or not STDIN.tty?
# Be a filter by default when data is piped to gorg
# or when -F, --filter is used