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* fix more pep8 errorsPavlos Ratis2013-09-251-2/+2
* Add tests for LDAPAuthBackend.Michał Górny2013-09-221-0/+73
* Clean up django_auth_ldap leftovers.Michał Górny2013-09-221-2/+2
* Fix login tests for proper handling of LDAP exceptions.Michał Górny2013-09-221-4/+7
* add tearDownClassPavlos Ratis2013-09-207-0/+28
* delete ldapobj after test executionPavlos Ratis2013-09-207-0/+7
* s/self.ldapobject/self.ldapobj/gPavlos Ratis2013-09-207-35/+35
* Require the database cleanup only to remove USER and PASSWORD.Michał Górny2013-09-171-2/+4
* Tests: check whether failed get_bound_ldapuser() doesn't pollute the db.Michał Górny2013-09-121-0/+7
* Use context managers to clean up settings.DATABASES after binds.Michał Górny2013-09-121-12/+26
* Use session identifiers for unique LDAP db aliases.Michał Górny2013-09-121-2/+4
* Fix the tests about rendered result, they were not properly concatenating str...Theo Chatzimichos2013-09-082-17/+5
* Add tests for ldapuser and get_bound_ldapuserTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-281-0/+89
* Fix flake8 errorsTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-266-104/+216
* switch back to non-relative imports, they proved to be confusingTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-259-27/+27
* Move OkupyError to okupy/__init__Theo Chatzimichos2013-08-251-1/+1
* Add tests for SSH handlers.Michał Górny2013-08-252-13/+216
* Support authentication using SSH.Michał Górny2013-08-251-0/+33
* Remove search_s.seed, as it is now covered by mockldapTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-246-55/+6
* Merge pull request #75 from tampakrap/tests_v2Theo Chatzimichos2013-08-231-0/+74
| * Add tests for the accounts listsTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-231-0/+74
* | SSLCertAuthBackend: make request mandatory.Michał Górny2013-08-231-15/+4
* | Add tests for SSL auth.Michał Górny2013-08-231-0/+78
* | Switch ciphers to output urlsafe base64.Michał Górny2013-08-211-1/+1
* | Move crypto-related stuff to okupy.crypto.Michał Górny2013-08-213-3/+3
* | Use AES as OkupyCipher.Michał Górny2013-08-211-1/+1
* | IDCipher: use unpadded base32 as well.Michał Górny2013-08-211-1/+1
* | Revoke used encrypted session IDs.Michał Górny2013-08-211-0/+22
* | Move session ID encryption, decryption & validation to SessionRefCipher.Michał Górny2013-08-211-2/+23
* | test_cipher: check if wrong ciphertext length triggers ValueError.Michał Górny2013-08-201-0/+5
* | Raise ValueError on short ciphertext.Michał Górny2013-08-201-0/+5
* | test_cipher: respect block_size.Michał Górny2013-08-201-16/+23
* Add tests/vars.py that stores variables used by the testsTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-195-132/+96
* Major rewrite of the signup tests, lots of integration tests converted to unitTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-191-5/+261
* Add tests for OkupyCipherTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-191-0/+29
* Apply the previous helper changes to the test suiteTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-193-67/+75
* Add test_ prefix to all the test filesTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-196-7/+0
* Add tests for *OpenIDStore.use_nonce().Michał Górny2013-08-172-0/+19
* Remove get_ldap_connection completelyTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-171-60/+0
* Add tests for not removing unknown hashes in secondary passwordTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-171-0/+24
* Tests for secondary passwordTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-173-2/+121
* various minor fixes in login testsTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-171-7/+7
* Merge pull request #60 from tampakrap/discoverrunnerTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-131-0/+6
| * Use DiscoverRunner, which will be the default test discover runner in 1.6Theo Chatzimichos2013-08-131-0/+6
* | Fix get_ldap_connection to get secondary_password from the sessionTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-131-4/+6
* | use create_user() instead of save()Theo Chatzimichos2013-08-131-1/+1
* | Convert more integration to unit login testsTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-131-13/+40
* minor fix in importTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-111-2/+1
* Various improvements to index testsTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-111-4/+32
* trivial fixTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-111-1/+1