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* Fix the test failuresMax Magorsch2020-01-011-0/+1
* test/fixtures: need systemd entry for test/integration/useflag_routes_testv8.0.4Robin H. Johnson2019-12-201-1/+2
* Match integration test to contents of fixture repoHans de Graaff2019-12-201-4/+4
* Fix rubocop warningsHans de Graaff2019-12-201-2/+2
* test/fixtures: more common profile filesRobin H. Johnson2019-12-197-0/+0
* rubocop: autofixRobin H. Johnson2019-12-198-91/+79
* Add a couple of initial integration testsMax Magorsch2019-10-168-0/+189
* Fix deprecation of positional arguments in controller testsHans de Graaff2019-07-222-3/+3
* Use the fixture repo in the test environmentHans de Graaff2019-07-222-0/+3
* Add a package test fixture and fix USE flag testsHans de Graaff2019-07-227-3/+38
* Remove stubs for category search methodHans de Graaff2019-07-221-6/+0
* Provide a test fixture repo and use it for testsHans de Graaff2019-07-224-4/+16
* Remove category tests for unimplemented methodsHans de Graaff2019-07-221-27/+2
* Add rails 2.5Alec Warner2018-05-021-4/+0
* Initial commit w/currently running codeAlex Legler2016-07-2023-0/+310