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diff --git a/dev-util/eresi/files/0.82_beta2-drop-dprintf.patch b/dev-util/eresi/files/0.82_beta2-drop-dprintf.patch
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--- a/dev-util/eresi/files/0.82_beta2-drop-dprintf.patch
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,25 +0,0 @@
-Drop conflicting dprintf declaration.
-ERESI does declare a prototype for dprintf, which conflicts with the
-declaration in stdio.h, leading to the following compiler error:
-../librevm/include/revm.h:604: error: conflicting types for ‘dprintf’
-/usr/include/stdio.h:397: note: previous declaration of ‘dprintf’ was here
-As the whole ERESI source code doesn't even mention dprintf in any
-other place, dropping the declaration shouldn't cause any harm at all.
-2010-04-07 Martin von Gagern
-Index: eresi-0.82_beta2/librevm/include/revm.h
---- eresi-0.82_beta2.orig/librevm/include/revm.h
-+++ eresi-0.82_beta2/librevm/include/revm.h
-@@ -601,7 +601,6 @@ int revm_isnbr(char *string);
- void revm_workfiles_load();
- int revm_implicit(revmcmd_t *actual);
- int revm_workfiles_unload();
--int dprintf(int fd, char *format, ...);
- void revm_pht_print(elfsh_Phdr *phdr, uint16_t num, eresi_Addr base);
- char *revm_fetch_sht_typedesc(elfsh_Word typenum);
- int revm_sht_print(elfsh_Shdr *shdr, u_int num, char rtflag);