Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Pidgin version bumpPatrick McLean2011-06-153-254/+33
* Version bump...Patrick McLean2011-04-272-1/+1
* Version bump, add a precompiled version of libzip for amd64 machines,Patrick McLean2011-04-222-23/+10
* Pidgin version bump.Patrick McLean2011-03-132-13/+236
* Manifest update...Patrick McLean2011-02-161-15/+13
* Version bump for pidgin.Patrick McLean2011-02-162-19/+23
* Pidgin version bumpPatrick McLean2010-12-302-18/+19
* Version bump of pidgin.Patrick McLean2010-12-212-19/+19
* Bump pidgin to 2.7.7Patrick McLean2010-11-243-237/+15
* Pidgin version bumpPatrick McLean2010-11-222-13/+235
* Manifest update.Patrick McLean2010-11-031-19/+15
* Version bump.Patrick McLean2010-11-035-150/+1
* Manifest update to pidginPatrick McLean2010-10-301-13/+17
* Add pidgin patches from portage treePatrick McLean2010-10-304-0/+145
* Update pidgin to match version in portage.Patrick McLean2010-10-302-15/+19
* Update pidgin to 2.7.4.Patrick McLean2010-10-254-51/+58
* Version bump, clean out some older versions.Patrick McLean2010-08-123-230/+18
* Sign manifest on last commit..Patrick McLean2010-08-091-0/+20
* Version bump for pidgin.Patrick McLean2010-08-093-20/+238
* Fix manifest signaturePatrick McLean2010-07-231-33/+13
* Fix manifest on pidgin.Patrick McLean2010-07-231-3/+21
* Bump pidgin to 2.7.2.Patrick McLean2010-07-232-18/+16
* Clean up gnome-keyring patch a bit, kill references to gaim within the patch.Patrick McLean2010-07-212-42/+42
* Add pidgin to overlay with patch to use gnome-keyring for storing passwords r...Patrick McLean2010-07-213-0/+463
* Initial commit, add kobo-desktop to overlay.Patrick McLean2010-07-206-0/+122