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* bash: merged to gentoo-x86.Donnie Berkholz2008-05-1761-4333/+0
* bash: Add a revbump that installs examples with USE=examples.Donnie Berkholz2008-05-1561-0/+4333
* heirloom-sh: Install to /bin, and don't install /bin/sh unless needed.Donnie Berkholz2007-08-022-5/+20
* Add heirloom sh, the original Bourne shell as derived from OpenSolaris.Donnie Berkholz2006-11-233-0/+49
* Remove things in sync with gentoo-x86.Donnie Berkholz2006-04-2411-175/+0
* Initial commit of portage overlay.Donnie Berkholz2006-04-1711-0/+175