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* acroread: add 9.4.6 security bump, English-only for now.Donnie Berkholz2011-11-145-0/+1057
* Bump pastebin to 0.5; copied from sunrise 0.3.Donnie Berkholz2009-07-284-0/+44
* Drop unneeded packages and packages that exist in other repos.Donnie Berkholz2007-10-1411-318/+0
* Add patched docbook-xsl-stylesheets that works with saxon 8.8.Donnie Berkholz2007-01-014-0/+109
* bibus: merged to gentoo-x86Donnie Berkholz2006-10-173-79/+0
* bibus: get it closer to workingDonnie Berkholz2006-10-164-24/+79
* bibus: move to app-text from app-docDonnie Berkholz2006-10-151-0/+24
* linuxdoc-tools: delete broken bump, just add ~ppc keywordDonnie Berkholz2006-09-0214-89/+209
* Remove more redundant CVS/ filesDonnie Berkholz2006-05-246-11/+0
* Remove things in sync with gentoo-x86.Donnie Berkholz2006-04-247-155/+0
* Initial commit of portage overlay.Donnie Berkholz2006-04-1721-0/+255