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* mutt: bump to gentoo-upstream -r3 patchball.Donnie Berkholz2011-06-272-3/+3
* mutt: move sidebar patches to FILESDIR to avoid custom patchball.Donnie Berkholz2011-06-264-5/+158
* mutt: add a version with courier-compatible sidebar & sendbar patches.Donnie Berkholz2011-06-269-198/+1461
* mutt: Bump to 1.5.18 (bug #198242).Donnie Berkholz2008-07-052-6/+6
* Add mutt 1.5.17, sidebar patch is the only tested path.Donnie Berkholz2008-03-128-0/+1041
* Drop unneeded packages and packages that exist in other repos.Donnie Berkholz2007-10-1415-3199/+0
* Add mutt 1.5.16Donnie Berkholz2007-08-069-0/+998
* Add mahogany 0.67, not working yet.Donnie Berkholz2006-10-176-0/+2201