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* pybrain: bump to 0.3.1.Donnie Berkholz2012-05-102-4/+6
* mlpy: bump to 3.5.0Donnie Berkholz2012-05-102-9/+9
* elefant: Add a new machine-learning package.Donnie Berkholz2011-02-182-0/+34
* New package: orange: data mining / machine learning with GUI and Python inter...Donnie Berkholz2010-01-012-0/+57
* mlpy: Add dependencies.Donnie Berkholz2010-01-012-2/+4
* New package: pybrain: A modular machine learning library for Python.Donnie Berkholz2010-01-012-0/+25
* New package: mlpy (Machine Learning PYthon).Donnie Berkholz2010-01-012-0/+31
* pyquante: bump to 1.6.3 from sunrise:1.5.1.Donnie Berkholz2009-10-154-0/+50