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* Add homebrew-sources to the linux-sources virtual.Donnie Berkholz2011-05-314-0/+58
* Drop some virtuals. No idea what they were even doing.Donnie Berkholz2008-12-039-79/+0
* Add commonlisp new-style virtual that incorporates gcl.Donnie Berkholz2007-01-053-0/+29
* Update jre/jdk virtuals for ibm 1.6.Donnie Berkholz2007-01-026-0/+50
* Merged to gentoo-x86 CVS.Donnie Berkholz2006-05-1214-89/+0
* Synced with gentoo-x86.Donnie Berkholz2006-04-247-71/+0
* Add a new-style virtual for xft.Donnie Berkholz2006-04-227-0/+71
* Initial commit of portage overlay.Donnie Berkholz2006-04-1714-0/+89