Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* xf86-video-intel: add the latest prerelease.Donnie Berkholz2011-07-304-0/+1163
* nvidia-drivers: add the latest beta.Donnie Berkholz2011-07-307-32/+107
* nvidia-drivers: add a patch to fix builds w/ 2.6.39/2.6.40 headers.Donnie Berkholz2011-05-2618-0/+2633
* Move X packages to x11 overlay.Donnie Berkholz2007-10-1311-433/+0
* xf86-video-ati: add 6.6.2 that installs xinf files for system-config-displayDonnie Berkholz2006-09-036-0/+341
* live git drivers: In manually defined src_unpack(), run all needed functions.Donnie Berkholz2006-08-254-8/+14
* Add live git intel driver, by requestDonnie Berkholz2006-08-233-0/+43
* Make ebuild slightly less error-prone to copy to other live-git drivers.Donnie Berkholz2006-08-232-5/+5
* Port ati driver to gitDonnie Berkholz2006-06-152-20/+8
* No need for live cvs mouse driver anymoreDonnie Berkholz2006-06-023-37/+0
* Add live cvs mouse driverDonnie Berkholz2006-05-243-0/+37
* Remove redundant filesDonnie Berkholz2006-05-2410-133/+5
* Remove things in sync with gentoo-x86.Donnie Berkholz2006-04-2411-142/+0
* Initial commit of portage overlay.Donnie Berkholz2006-04-1722-0/+325