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* Use EAPI 5 and fix homepage.Tiziano Müller2013-10-242-10/+5
* Remove old/obsolete/outdated packagesTiziano Müller2013-10-248-456/+0
* Severely outdatedTiziano Müller2013-10-244-113/+0
* Moved to the treeTiziano Müller2013-10-243-80/+0
* Initial commit.Tiziano Müller2013-04-083-0/+80
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2011-08-042-15/+10
* Added new ebuild for dbus-explorer.Tiziano Mueller2010-07-122-0/+33
* Added php and php-toolkit with php-fpm support (see bugs #208155 and #301279).Tiziano Mueller2010-02-235-0/+233
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2009-10-112-4/+5
* Added docs.Tiziano Mueller2009-09-212-2/+4
* Added version bump for augeas.Tiziano Mueller2009-09-214-0/+111
* Updated boost.eselect to link for pythonTiziano Mueller2008-12-162-1/+20
* added PDEPEND=app-admin/eselect-boostTiziano Mueller2008-12-151-1/+1
* Updated cpuset.Tiziano Mueller2008-12-154-0/+204
* Added a revised ebuild of cpuset based on the one at http://developer.novell....Tiziano Mueller2008-08-282-0/+35