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* remove stuff moved to treeTiziano Müller2012-05-302-83/+0
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2010-10-082-12/+21
* Keyworded all xsd-stuff with ~x86 (thanks to Kalev Lember for testing).Tiziano Mueller2009-03-062-2/+2
* Updated the xsd-libraries. Removed bakery since now in tree. Updated libgdamm.Tiziano Mueller2009-03-062-5/+5
* Removed packages now in the treeTiziano Mueller2008-08-252-8/+2
* ahem, was a bit tired :)Tiziano Mueller2008-08-171-0/+78
* Updated the kolpackov libsTiziano Mueller2008-08-173-176/+2
* Added my dev-cpp packagesTiziano Mueller2008-07-163-0/+176