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* dev-db/pgcli: version bumpTiziano Müller2017-11-113-91/+8
* dev-db/redis: shared patch needed a refreshTiziano Müller2016-11-152-13/+7
* dev-db/redis: version bumpTiziano Müller2016-11-152-1/+1
* bump pgcli and pgspecialTiziano Müller2016-09-192-4/+2
* dev-db/redis: version bump and luajit supportTiziano Müller2016-08-1811-0/+420
* pgcli: initial commit, including required deps and bumpsTiziano Müller2016-07-203-0/+135
* dev-db/mytop: remove obsolete version/packageTiziano Müller2015-09-104-82/+0
* Added ebuild for crunchyfrog.Tiziano Mueller2009-10-133-0/+149
* Removed since newer version in tree.Tiziano Mueller2009-10-0211-339/+0
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2009-09-084-31/+40
* Added my obexd ebuild. Version bump for hamsterdb.Tiziano Mueller2009-04-072-12/+15
* Added a block for obexd to obex-data-server.Tiziano Mueller2008-11-182-5/+4
* Added autotools.eclass which fixes broken eautoheader. Changed tdb ebuild to ...Tiziano Mueller2008-10-142-3/+4
* Added version bump of vblade (that init-script is completely b0rked with some...Tiziano Mueller2008-10-132-0/+41
* Added version bump for mytopTiziano Mueller2008-10-074-0/+82
* Using versionator eclass instead of bashisms (thanks to Matt McCormick). Adde...Tiziano Mueller2008-09-303-8/+26
* Using versionator eclass instead of bashisms (thanks to Matt McCormick).Tiziano Mueller2008-09-303-235/+0
* Updated samba-3.2.3 ebuild. Corrected deps for boost-build in boost-1.36.0 (t...Tiziano Mueller2008-09-082-7/+19
* Added hamsterdb ebuild (written by me)Tiziano Mueller2008-09-074-0/+288
* Added version bump of sqlitemanTiziano Mueller2008-08-2811-0/+339