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* media-libs/libspotify: do not strip binariesTiziano Müller2016-05-151-0/+2
* media-libs/libspotify: initial commit, (re-)written by me using multilib-mini...Tiziano Müller2016-04-152-0/+67
* Added ebuild for the ethumb snapshot (required by a recent snapshot of enna).Tiziano Müller2011-11-272-0/+37
* Version bump, dropped old.Tiziano Müller2011-11-2110-209/+223
* moved to the tree (not by me)Tiziano Müller2011-11-212-76/+0
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2010-08-222-10/+18
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2010-08-212-0/+85
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2010-08-212-0/+76
* Added celt- and a version bump.Tiziano Mueller2010-07-155-0/+123
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2010-04-012-2/+2
* Corrected typo.Tiziano Mueller2010-01-302-2/+2
* Removed lyricsfly since it's useless and will be removed in the next version.Tiziano Mueller2010-01-142-3/+2
* Added ebuild for edje.Tiziano Mueller2010-01-142-0/+68
* Added ebuilds for libvalhalla, libplayer and libnfo.Tiziano Mueller2010-01-125-0/+182
* Added qhull with -fno-strict-aliasing which fixes segfaults.Tiziano Mueller2009-09-204-0/+164
* babl and gegl are now in the treeTiziano Mueller2008-10-085-124/+0
* Removed all use-flags and conditional deps which are _not_ configurable atm.Tiziano Mueller2008-08-162-29/+20
* Added babl and geglTiziano Mueller2008-08-145-0/+133