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* media-sound/clementine: merge changes from GentooTiziano Müller2016-09-021-5/+5
* media-sound/clementine: bump version with libspotify usageTiziano Müller2016-05-194-55/+42
* media-sound/clementine: rev-bump with working libspotify integrationTiziano Müller2016-04-165-0/+277
* add live version of ripperXTiziano Müller2014-11-291-0/+43
* version bumpTiziano Müller2014-11-292-15/+24
* Version bump.Tiziano Müller2012-12-152-16/+15
* cleanupTiziano Müller2012-07-104-684/+0
* Version bump (imported a lot from the tree).Tiziano Mueller2010-06-082-25/+42
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2010-04-232-2/+3
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2010-04-202-8/+6
* Buuuump!Tiziano Mueller2010-01-282-2/+2
* Added version bump for banshee, including updated deps (ipod-sharp, podsleuth...Tiziano Mueller2009-12-032-3/+5
* Added version bump for banshee.Tiziano Mueller2009-11-204-0/+664
* Added ebuild for morituri (written by me).Tiziano Mueller2009-09-262-0/+67
* Added ebuild for gnac.Tiziano Mueller2009-08-072-0/+38
* an up-to-date version of banshee is now in the tree, removing...Tiziano Mueller2008-12-092-100/+0
* Added version bump for banshee.Tiziano Mueller2008-11-182-0/+100