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* remove outdated ebuildTiziano Müller2015-05-102-68/+0
* up to date version in treeTiziano Mueller2011-08-044-164/+0
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2011-01-043-43/+68
* Added version bump for miro.Tiziano Mueller2010-06-097-0/+221
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2010-04-092-4/+3
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2009-10-122-2/+2
* Added ebuild for swfmill.Tiziano Mueller2009-09-223-0/+91
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2009-09-142-2/+2
* Added version bump for devede.Tiziano Mueller2009-08-264-0/+164
* Added ebuild for transmageddon.Tiziano Mueller2009-08-032-0/+44
* Removed boost and boost-build from my overlay (since in the tree) to avoid co...Tiziano Mueller2009-04-132-2/+2
* Added ebuild for nvidia-settings which builds Mueller2009-03-234-0/+84
* Removed packages now in the treeTiziano Mueller2008-08-2515-520/+0
* Added version bumps/fixed ebuilds for dvdbackup, lxdvdrip & streamdvd. Added ...Tiziano Mueller2008-08-1621-0/+690