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* sys-fs/fuse: add rev-bumped fuse including gold-linker patchTiziano Müller2016-05-267-0/+238
* remove outdated packageTiziano Müller2015-05-102-60/+0
* drop unneeded ManifestTiziano Müller2015-05-101-1/+0
* Remove deprecated and broken btrfs ebuildsTiziano Müller2013-10-165-277/+0
* Initial commit.Tiziano Müller2013-04-152-0/+30
* Added new package for aufs(3)-utilTiziano Mueller2011-08-232-0/+42
* EAPI-4 and git-2.eclass usage.Tiziano Mueller2011-08-042-5/+4
* Added snapshot version of squashfs-tools for xz supportTiziano Mueller2011-01-272-0/+66
* Live ebuild for 2.1 branch.Tiziano Mueller2011-01-242-5/+6
* version bumpTiziano Mueller2010-11-302-0/+42
* Version bump.Tiziano Mueller2010-04-233-2/+4
* Added ebuild for vdfuse.Tiziano Mueller2010-01-272-0/+60
* Added version 0.19 for those who don't want the scm-version plus changed euti...Tiziano Mueller2009-08-273-2/+81
* Added corrected version of btrfs-progs (like, correct installation of certain...Tiziano Mueller2009-08-275-0/+198
* Version bump for obexd.Tiziano Mueller2009-04-272-7/+8
* Committed my changes of libmirage and vhba to the tree.Tiziano Mueller2009-03-124-127/+0
* Added version bump for vhbaTiziano Mueller2009-02-114-0/+127
* More corrections to the init.d scriptTiziano Mueller2008-11-032-11/+7
* Added debug USE flag and corrected install-dir for headersTiziano Mueller2008-10-203-8/+10
* Removed .svn files from old sunrise importTiziano Mueller2008-10-027-187/+0
* Added ebuild for cromfs, added updated ebuild for ocfs2-tools.Tiziano Mueller2008-10-0220-0/+808
* Added version bump for dd-rhelpTiziano Mueller2008-09-104-0/+72
* Removed updated squashfs-tools ebuild (in tree thanks to jer)Tiziano Mueller2008-08-284-318/+0
* Added updated squashfs-tools ebuild (bug #235867)Tiziano Mueller2008-08-274-0/+318
* Added iwatchTiziano Mueller2008-08-124-0/+63