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* latest version in the treeJeffrey Gardner2007-10-245-163/+0
* add muscle depJeffrey Gardner2007-10-212-4/+5
* testing seaview with new pdflibJeffrey Gardner2007-10-215-0/+162
* Added to treeJeffrey Gardner2007-10-1411-684/+0
* Adding various packages so I can work on them later...Jeffrey Gardner2007-10-1411-0/+715
* Testing new revision.Jeffrey Gardner2007-10-0211-0/+684
* Added to main tree.Jeffrey Gardner2007-09-176-396/+0
* Fixing up meme for amd64.Jeffrey Gardner2007-09-176-0/+396
* starting work on TreeView, a nice GUI for sci-biology/clusterJeffrey Gardner2007-08-093-0/+48
* Moving cluster to science overlay, importing new projects.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-095-120/+0
* Add die commandsJeffrey Gardner2007-08-092-8/+6
* Add patch to fix help menu.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-093-8/+47
* Add cluster.pdf doc fileJeffrey Gardner2007-08-092-4/+6
* Fix ManifestJeffrey Gardner2007-08-091-4/+4
* Fix to work with USE=XJeffrey Gardner2007-08-092-12/+27
* Add metadata.xmlJeffrey Gardner2007-08-091-0/+14
* Initial import of cluster, thanks to Favero Francesco and bug #188061Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-093-0/+52