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* Latest patches.Jeffrey Gardner2008-02-109-0/+1242
* updated patchsetJeffrey Gardner2008-01-298-0/+879
* Trying the mactel-linux 2.6.24 svn r145 patches.Jeffrey Gardner2008-01-287-0/+696
* Removing old files.Jeffrey Gardner2007-12-1617-2689/+0
* Latest mactel-linux patches.Jeffrey Gardner2007-12-1615-0/+2798
* Bump mactel patchset and use 2.6.23 kernel.Jeffrey Gardner2007-10-139-0/+1428
* Add digest.Jeffrey Gardner2007-09-301-0/+9
* Patch updates.Jeffrey Gardner2007-09-3010-0/+1973
* fix ManifestJeffrey Gardner2007-09-081-0/+9
* Updating patchset to -r140 and moving to kernel.Jeffrey Gardner2007-09-088-0/+1393
* Replacing tarball with individual patches.Jeffrey Gardner2007-07-278-0/+1278
* Initial import of mactel-linux-sources, a kernel patched for use with mactel ...Jeffrey Gardner2007-07-232-0/+9