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* Adding for the purpose of testing Christian Becke's fix from bug #237634Jeffrey Gardner2009-06-143-0/+92
* cleanupJeffrey Gardner2007-10-208-146/+0
* more cleanupJeffrey Gardner2007-10-2015-300/+0
* moved goffice to the science overlay.Jeffrey Gardner2007-10-183-66/+0
* fix ManifestJeffrey Gardner2007-09-081-4/+4
* changing ARCH to ~amd64 onlyJeffrey Gardner2007-09-081-1/+1
* Bumping goffice for the purpose of installing gnome-chemistry-utils.Jeffrey Gardner2007-09-083-0/+66
* Add libpciaccess needed by avivo.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-213-0/+32
* Initial import of compiz-fusion from xeffects overlay.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-2120-0/+414