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* Add media-libs/cogl tweaked to be buildable without mesa on RPiMart Raudsepp2014-07-143-0/+130
* Update gstreamer bits to 1.3.91 RCMart Raudsepp2014-07-1210-5/+5
* Update gstreamer split faad plugin to 1.3.90 RCMart Raudsepp2014-07-072-1/+1
* Update gstreamer bits to 1.3.90 RCMart Raudsepp2014-07-078-4/+4
* Add gstreamer 1.3.3 development versions of stuff I need for glimagesink test...Mart Raudsepp2014-06-2615-0/+354
* Add weston-1.5.0 ebuild hacked to be more suitable on Raspberry-Pi (RPi) with...Mart Raudsepp2014-06-264-0/+203
* Add metadata/layout.conf overlay setupMart Raudsepp2014-02-141-0/+14
* Late spring cleaningMart Raudsepp2014-02-1414-328/+0
* Out with the outdated and uselessMart Raudsepp2014-02-144-83/+0
* Add a rough DirectFB-extra-1.2.0_rc1 ebuildMart Raudsepp2010-01-153-0/+89
* Initial ebuild for OProfileUI.Mart Raudsepp2009-10-063-0/+56
* Update sysprof live ebuild to upstream move from GNOME SVN to freedesktop gitMart Raudsepp2008-11-032-9/+4
* Add live ebuild x11-misc/mango-lassi - GNOME Input SharingMart Raudsepp2008-10-044-0/+65
* Sync depends with portage (missing pkgconfig dep) and move eautoreconf to src...Mart Raudsepp2008-05-012-3/+8
* Add a live ebuild for dev-util/sysprof, as the released version does not supp...Mart Raudsepp2008-03-313-0/+48
* Clean up package.mask - wxmud and gst-plugins-ffmpeg live ebuild are not in t...Mart Raudsepp2007-12-281-4/+0
* Remove wxmud live ebuild - moved to portageMart Raudsepp2007-12-284-70/+0
* Remove the gst-plugins-ffmpeg live CVS ebuild, new 0.10.3 release has the H.2...Mart Raudsepp2007-12-283-76/+0
* Build against wxWidgets-2.8Mart Raudsepp2007-12-253-7/+8
* Initial import of wxMUD to my overlay. This is a graphical MUD client with fu...Mart Raudsepp2007-10-215-1/+70
* Kill digest filesMart Raudsepp2007-10-213-6/+0
* Live ebuild for gst-ffmpeg. Probably kills kitten, but makes H.264 playback u...Mart Raudsepp2007-10-085-0/+80
* Add repo_name filesMart Raudsepp2007-07-091-0/+1
* Initial ebuild for gnome-voice-control - a speech recognizer to control the G...Mart Raudsepp2007-06-294-0/+51
* Add latest libgalago-gtk release to my overlay - I'm playing around with gett...Mart Raudsepp2007-01-163-0/+41
* Remove gnome-session from my personal overlay as gnome-experimental one patch...Mart Raudsepp2007-01-166-134/+0
* Add gnome-session-2.17.3 that uses patch that disables fatal_criticals in dev...Mart Raudsepp2006-12-307-0/+201