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* feng requires libtool-2Luca Barbato2009-10-182-1/+2
* eapi2 gives us src_configure let's use itLuca Barbato2009-05-222-3/+2
* Check sctpLuca Barbato2009-05-202-4/+7
* Make we do not need bufferpool anymoreLuca Barbato2009-05-062-2/+1
* Make sure we have ragelLuca Barbato2009-05-062-2/+3
* Update lscube project ebuildsLuca Barbato2009-02-252-3/+3
* Update ebuildLuca Barbato2009-02-252-3/+5
* updateLuca Barbato2008-11-291-1/+1
* updateLuca Barbato2008-02-242-13/+3
* redigest&fixesLuca Barbato2007-07-032-5/+5
* LScube related updateLuca Barbato2007-07-022-8/+9
* Make feng setup for /var/fengLuca Barbato2007-06-112-5/+5
* fixupLuca Barbato2007-04-112-5/+5
* Git version ready for testsLuca Barbato2007-04-073-13/+7
* libnemesi for youLuca Barbato2007-04-053-25/+13
* Moving to gitLuca Barbato2007-04-056-0/+130