Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
| * more cleanups and einfo improvementsMarc Schiffbauer2013-10-212-22/+29
* | bump to pre2Marc Schiffbauer2014-01-031-1/+4
* | added net-mail/automx test versionMarc Schiffbauer2014-01-025-0/+180
* honor possibility in bareas to have more than one db backendMarc Schiffbauer2013-10-215-62/+39
* fix ManifestMarc Schiffbauer2013-10-211-8/+7
* added initial bareos ebuildMarc Schiffbauer2013-10-2111-0/+586
* added minimal metadata/layout.confMarc Schiffbauer2013-10-031-0/+1
* Add ebuild eatmydataMarc Schiffbauer2012-02-295-0/+153
* remove i7z live ebuildMarc Schiffbauer2012-02-175-173/+0
* add new versionMarc Schiffbauer2012-01-132-10/+44
* fix Makefile patchMarc Schiffbauer2011-12-054-14/+59
* fix wualacmdMarc Schiffbauer2011-09-082-1/+2
* fixed SRC_URIMarc Schiffbauer2011-09-082-2/+2
* remove xdg-utils RDEPENDMarc Schiffbauer2011-09-082-3/+2
* added wuala ebuildMarc Schiffbauer2011-09-082-0/+44
* mask live ebuilds. header fixes.Marc Schiffbauer2011-06-235-8/+38
* regenerated metadata.xml filesMarc Schiffbauer2011-06-233-5/+8
* added gcaldaemon ebuild including self-written command line toolMarc Schiffbauer2011-06-233-0/+157
* added ebuild for the xxe-pro XML editor (you need a license)Marc Schiffbauer2011-06-233-0/+59
* added live ebuild (based on i7z-0.26 from tree)Marc Schiffbauer2011-06-236-0/+125
* Initial commitMarc Schiffbauer2011-06-231-0/+1