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* fixed DEPEND/RDEPEND stuff againJesús Guerrero2008-05-122-19/+22
* Rename patch to be more consistent with official tree.David Shakaryan2008-05-125-11/+9
* lots of fixes, r/depends and perl/gtk stuffJesús Guerrero2008-05-082-33/+50
* version bump to 2.5.26Jesús Guerrero2008-05-072-0/+162
* Many various small changes and cleanup.David Shakaryan2008-04-282-24/+18
* Various ebuild cleanup.David Shakaryan2008-04-282-20/+10
* Use emake install rather than make install.David Shakaryan2008-04-282-4/+4
* Change FVWM_BUGADDR and shorten USE flag conditional statements.David Shakaryan2008-04-272-11/+6
* Organise and clean up dependencies.David Shakaryan2008-04-252-26/+37
* EPATCH_OPTS not needed it seems.David Shakaryan2008-04-242-2/+1
* Regenerate Manifest.David Shakaryan2008-04-241-1/+1
* Add missing quotes; shorten rm command.David Shakaryan2008-04-241-10/+9
* Do not dodoc README.translucency if vanilla flag is enabled.David Shakaryan2008-04-241-1/+2
* Make dodoc commands neater.David Shakaryan2008-04-241-4/+3
* Organise econf command; add messages to die statements.David Shakaryan2008-04-241-16/+19
* Clean up src_unpack.David Shakaryan2008-04-241-3/+7
* live ebuild addedJesús Guerrero2008-04-244-0/+541
* First commitJesús Guerrero2008-04-245-0/+882