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* Crossover Office 6.1.0.Wulf Krueger2007-07-223-0/+61
* Two voices for festival.Wulf Krueger2007-07-226-0/+74
* Initial commmit. cf. bug 172913.Wulf Krueger2007-07-223-0/+80
* Added some categories I'm about to add. :-)Wulf Krueger2007-07-221-0/+30
* Minor cleaning.Wulf Krueger2007-07-023-5/+10
* Initial ebuild for this nice little tool.Wulf Krueger2007-07-015-0/+67
* jakub kindly checked this back in to Sunrise.Wulf Krueger2007-05-264-120/+0
* Stolen from sunrise. Made sure the *real* r8187 module gets built.Wulf Krueger2007-05-264-0/+120
* Initial import.Wulf Krueger2007-04-1014-0/+180