Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Boom.HEADmasterWulf Krueger2008-02-241-26/+0
* Spring cleaning.Wulf Krueger2008-02-241-88/+0
* Version bump to kvm-53.Wulf Krueger2007-11-251-4/+46
* Version bump to kvm-49.Wulf Krueger2007-11-011-14/+12
* Version bump to kvm-48, removed obsolete versions and pulled in changes from ...Wulf Krueger2007-10-211-44/+66
* Fixed broken patch.Wulf Krueger2007-10-031-14/+8
* Version bump to kvm-45. Removed obsolete versions.Wulf Krueger2007-10-021-31/+15
* Version bump to kvm-44.Wulf Krueger2007-09-231-4/+22
* Version bump to kvm-43. Removed obsolete and buggy version 42.Wulf Krueger2007-09-211-22/+12
* Version bump to kvm-42.Wulf Krueger2007-09-211-7/+15
* Version bump to kvm-40.Wulf Krueger2007-09-161-8/+16
* Version bump to kvm-39. Removed obsolete versions.Wulf Krueger2007-09-121-43/+15
* Version bump to kvm-37.Wulf Krueger2007-09-101-7/+15
* Version bump to kvm-36. Pulled in some changes from bug 157987.Wulf Krueger2007-08-221-12/+50
* Version bump to kvm-35.Wulf Krueger2007-08-151-12/+12
* Version bump to kvm-34 and removal of obsolete ebuilds.Wulf Krueger2007-08-131-32/+8
* Added kvm-33.Wulf Krueger2007-07-231-12/+24
* Ugly ebuilds for kvm but they suit my needs for now. :-)Wulf Krueger2007-07-221-0/+44