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@@ -426,6 +426,14 @@ command that probes your system for all the required data. Cooperating with
<i>sys-boot/os-prober</i>, it detects even other OSes on all disks.
+<impo>If you want to configure GRUB 2 from a chrooted environment (e.g. from the
+Gentoo LiveDVD) and you need os-prober functionality, you have to mount the sysfs
+from the live system:
+<pre caption="Bind-mounting sysfs">
+# <i>mount --rbind /sys /path/to/chroot/sys</i>
If you updated from GRUB Legacy then your <path>/boot/grub/menu.lst</path>
was converted to <path>/boot/grub2/grub.cfg</path> to ensure that your system