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* Add actually working live ebuilds for gnome-settings-daemon / gnome-control-c...Andreas Proschofsky2012-05-271-0/+194
* Remove a whole bunch of outdated stuffAndreas Proschofsky2012-05-193-346/+135
* Remove tons of outdated gnome3 pre-releases, please use gnome-overlay insteadAndreas Proschofsky2011-03-041-0/+15
* update eclassAndreas Proschofsky2010-10-281-31/+52
* gnome2 eclasses in recent versions...Andreas Proschofsky2010-10-162-0/+413
* Remove clutter.eclass - in portage nowAndreas Proschofsky2010-03-021-64/+0
* sync clutter.eclass to the latest from the gnome overlayAndreas Proschofsky2010-02-211-6/+24
* Sync clutter stuff to gnome overlay, bump libchamplainAndreas Proschofsky2009-11-021-2/+3
* Missing eclass...Andreas Proschofsky2009-10-071-0/+33
* Sync gnome-shell stuff to the ebuilds from the gnome overlayAndreas Proschofsky2009-10-041-1/+4
* quick fixesAndreas Proschofsky2009-08-111-0/+42
* Remove bzr.eclass, in portage nowAndreas Proschofsky2008-11-111-246/+0
* Add live ebuild for gwibber, the twitter, and Jaiku clientAndreas Proschofsky2008-07-291-0/+246