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* More cleanup work, use GNOME overlay insteadAndreas Proschofsky2012-09-284-351/+0
* First bunch of GNOME 3.5.2 stuffAndreas Proschofsky2012-06-062-0/+117
* Update for latest gnome masterAndreas Proschofsky2012-06-032-4/+3
* Add actually working live ebuilds for gnome-settings-daemon / gnome-control-c...Andreas Proschofsky2012-05-273-0/+235
* Remove tons of outdated gnome3 pre-releases, please use gnome-overlay insteadAndreas Proschofsky2011-03-043-946/+0
* some masked bumps, as new libnotify breaks lots of stuffAndreas Proschofsky2010-11-303-0/+946