Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Remove gwibber live ebuild, not using it anymoreAndreas Proschofsky2010-10-162-47/+0
* Fix gwibber ebuild, delete remmina, in tree nowAndreas Proschofsky2010-09-024-44/+3
* Switch to using pre-3.0 branch, using sqlite instead of desktopcouch and Andreas Proschofsky2010-04-192-3/+3
* Sync gwibber live ebuild to portage, remove local desktopcouch and oauthAndreas Proschofsky2010-03-162-19/+25
* Add missing libwnck-python dep to gwibberAndreas Proschofsky2010-02-212-1/+2
* Make Gwibber live ebuild work again, add new depsAndreas Proschofsky2010-02-212-14/+10
* Bump remmina to latest release (0.7.4)Andreas Proschofsky2010-02-212-2/+2
* avahi needs to be built with gtk,dbusAndreas Proschofsky2009-11-302-2/+2
* Add remmina, lightweight gtk+ remote desktop clientAndreas Proschofsky2009-11-292-0/+42
* Add recently introduced pycurl dependencyAndreas Proschofsky2009-10-062-1/+2
* Fix repo name, fix gwibber live ebuild for bzr.eclass changesAndreas Proschofsky2009-07-192-3/+2
* Add newly required mako dependencyAndreas Proschofsky2009-05-242-1/+2
* Move gwibberAndreas Proschofsky2009-03-172-0/+42
* Another tryAndreas Proschofsky2008-12-092-41/+0
* Add feedparser dependency, needed for most recent trunkAndreas Proschofsky2008-11-102-1/+2
* Make gwibber ebuild actually working by providing pywebkitgtk...Andreas Proschofsky2008-08-242-2/+4
* Fix gwibber deps, remove xdg-user-dirs and xdg-user-dirs-gtk - in portage now :)Andreas Proschofsky2008-08-012-1/+2
* Add live ebuild for gwibber, the twitter, and Jaiku clientAndreas Proschofsky2008-07-292-0/+37