Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* cleaned out obsolete ebuildsHEADmasterChristian Parpart2007-12-254-163/+0
* * cleaned out old ebuildsChristian Parpart2007-06-076-268/+8
* snapshot update and cleaned up some older ebuildsChristian Parpart2007-06-039-282/+23
* verion bumpsChristian Parpart2007-03-064-4/+139
* redigest *sigh*Christian Parpart2007-02-252-7/+7
* added missing 'cd ${S}' which prevented docs from being installedChristian Parpart2007-02-253-8/+13
* new snapshots of captury and depending libs (containing new features/fixes/tw...Christian Parpart2007-02-254-4/+137
* updated snapshotsChristian Parpart2007-02-213-0/+132
* *sigh*Christian Parpart2007-02-202-9/+9
* snapshot bumps of libcaptury and capturyChristian Parpart2007-02-204-0/+135
* upcoming versions of captury will need --sysconfdir=/etc to read the config f...Christian Parpart2007-02-172-4/+5
* add a fix for xorg-x11 opengl profilesChristian Parpart2007-02-172-4/+7
* .oO(stop dreaming and don't commit every little line atomically)Christian Parpart2007-02-162-4/+6
* added pkg_setup() to ensure user has installed emul-linux-x86-xlibs with open...Christian Parpart2007-02-162-5/+9
* make the compilation progress still happy when having *old* (aka. stable) lib...Christian Parpart2007-02-162-18/+38
* dropping multilib useflag here, too. and adding missing depend, wtfChristian Parpart2007-02-162-7/+7
* adding libcaptury and captury frontend ebuildsChristian Parpart2007-02-164-0/+112