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diff --git a/patchsets/pam_skey/1.1.5/02_all_require_skey.patch b/patchsets/pam_skey/1.1.5/02_all_require_skey.patch
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--- a/patchsets/pam_skey/1.1.5/02_all_require_skey.patch
+++ b/patchsets/pam_skey/1.1.5/02_all_require_skey.patch
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ the module doesn't change.
cause the module to pass the given password to the
next module in the authentication stack (usually with the try_first_pass option).
-+ require_skey - This options tells the module to require S/Key
++ require_skey - This option tells the module to require S/Key
+ authentication if the user has S/Key set. When
+ this option is set, it is possible to require both
+ S/Key and another authentication method (like