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* * This is the initial commit of the wiki based by-law text to the GitinitialAaron Bauman2019-07-061-0/+780
repository. * The intent of this transition is multifaceted. Foremost, this is to ensure the integrity of the by-laws in a Git repository requiring authentication and authorization of changes to critical documents. * Second, this is to ensure that the documents can be pushed or pulled to various locations for sharing with the public while maintaining ease of administration and incorporating amendments quickly once approved. * Thirdly, this will serve as a canonical source to track and update changes of all by-laws on file with the State of New Mexico. * This transition also adopts a standardized format allowing proposals and recommended changes to be submitted in a manner familiar with the Gentoo community we serve. * No currently approved changes, as of 20190530, have been amended in this representation of the by-laws. * Changes for this initial commit are meant to be minimal. This simply includes the following items: 1. Reflow of text to 80 characters. 2. Adjustment of Articles and Sections to appropriate reStructedText formatting. 3. Removal of inconsistent periods in Articles and Headers. 4. Adjustment of references in the initial opening of the document. 5. Listing of items have been converted to a numbered list format. Signed-off-by: Aaron Bauman <>