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* Updated RFP per Robin's email.HEADmasterAlec Warner2018-09-171-3/+3
* Address the remaining concerns regarding the foundation activitiesFrancisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (klondike)2018-09-101-3/+6
* main: Add contact point, write a bit about reconstructing FY reportsKristian Fiskerstrand2018-04-171-2/+6
* law: need to know US IRS non-profit tax law specificallyRobin H. Johnson2018-04-101-1/+2
* tooling: whitespace, proprietary text improvementRobin H. Johnson2018-04-101-1/+2
* scope-of-service: whitespace.Robin H. Johnson2018-04-101-1/+2
* financial-status: recent treasurer work of book-keeping & CPARobin H. Johnson2018-04-101-1/+9
* financial-status: current financial state & wrong earlier financial reports.Robin H. Johnson2018-04-101-1/+3
* foundation: split addresses, add registered agent, add incorporation date.Robin H. Johnson2018-04-101-2/+6
* foundation: fix composition of executive.Robin H. Johnson2018-04-101-1/+6
* Legal: we are/were trying for 501(c)(6).Robin H. Johnson2018-04-101-1/+1
* main: minor updatesKristian Fiskerstrand2018-04-091-4/+6
* misc: update gitignoreKristian Fiskerstrand2018-04-091-0/+1
* main: minor rewordingKristian Fiskerstrand2018-04-091-1/+1
* main: Write a bit more on outlineKristian Fiskerstrand2018-04-091-4/+24
* misc: some more updatesKristian Fiskerstrand2018-04-092-10/+14
* misc: Start writing on contentKristian Fiskerstrand2018-04-094-9/+28
* initKristian Fiskerstrand2018-04-022-0/+109