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* simplify copyrightAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-271-17/+1
* Adding travis check and example filesAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-274-0/+6117
* Using camel case for class name as for pep8Alice Ferrazzi2017-06-252-10/+10
* added livepatch downloader in the clientAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-253-4/+18
* Creating the live patch downloaderAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-252-3/+43
* moved kernel dir variable to livepatch classAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-233-19/+42
* added Json information to the build_livepatch RESTful postAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-231-1/+4
* removed basic authAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-231-13/+0
* livepatch is now returning information of which patch is working onAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-232-26/+27
* Added two newline before class as pep8Alice Ferrazzi2017-06-231-0/+1
* fix api for different actionAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-221-3/+8
* Added build livepatch client callerAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-221-2/+7
* added build livepatch option after sending config file and patch fileAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-221-0/+1
* Adding new dispatchers for dealing with building livepatchAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-221-16/+27
* Dividing the set of configuration file path and patch file pathAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-221-3/+15
* Adding resource for dealing with sending patch and making the livepatchAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-221-0/+4
* added patch to the elivepatch server kpatch-build commandAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-221-1/+2
* Added send patch function for sending the patch to made in livepatchAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-212-5/+13
* Writing command for writing the livepatch after receiving theAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-213-94/+146
* fix pep8 comment should start with '# 'Alice Ferrazzi2017-06-211-2/+2
* fix pep8 two blank line before classAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-211-0/+2
* Fix pep8 space around operatorAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-211-1/+1
* if config file is compressed uncompress itAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-212-7/+40
* fix for getting the correct filenameAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-201-1/+3
* patch for sending the correct filenameAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-201-1/+1
* made client config post functionAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-203-9/+3
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/aliceinwire/elivepatchAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-202-13/+24
| * added file post functionAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-192-13/+24
* | Send config templateAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-192-4/+4
* moving kernel config path to checkers for sending it using RESTfulAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-202-4/+20
* added kernel get version and elivepatch versionAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-201-0/+4
* Refactored dispatcherAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-191-11/+7
* reformatted dispatcher and commented out not needed functionAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-201-9/+9
* added argument dispatcherAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-201-0/+19
* removed urllib for requests libraryAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-171-30/+4
* removed uri from agent version fieldAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-171-3/+2
* added restful client moduleAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-172-8/+38
* add restful client communication and url option to argparseAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-172-2/+29
* added elivepatch server url option to argparseAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-171-0/+1
* return kernel versionAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-162-3/+3
* small fixesAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-163-9/+7
* cve as boolAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-161-1/+1
* fixed configparser for python3Alice Ferrazzi2017-06-161-3/+4
* fixed the default option to /proc/config.gzAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-162-3/+4
* moved back to argparse and configparseAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-163-17/+37
* click latestAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-162-8/+7
* passed arguments to cli functionAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-162-20/+14
* getting the argument result and trying to return backAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-162-8/+9
* defined command line argumentsAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-161-8/+17
* Fixed argsparser using cli libraryAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-162-11/+4