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* Copyright fix to GPLv2+Alice Ferrazzi2017-06-301-11/+3
* made client config post functionAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-201-1/+2
* small fixesAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-161-7/+0
* moved back to argparse and configparseAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-161-1/+0
* starting to write the argparser using cli python libraryAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-151-7/+21
* Added github clone functionAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-141-1/+5
* kernel get_version function addedAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-141-2/+2
* re-designed python folder hierarchyAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-142-4/+27
* fixed importAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-141-2/+2
* added uname command for check kernel versionAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-131-1/+1
* init of client structureAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-131-1/+9
* added init of elivepatch RESTful API prototypeAlice Ferrazzi2017-06-102-0/+1