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-# gentoo-mpi
-Google Summer of Code 2017 Project with the Gentoo Foundation
+# Gentoo MPI Overlay (Google Summer of Code 2017)
+## Description
+A collection of tools for assisting the build process for MPI software in order to support installations of multiple MPI implementations and their respective versions. This should serve as a set of standards for MPI ebuild writers, and make it as easy as possible to write and maintain MPI ebuilds.
+## mpi-providers.eclass
+This is to support multiple MPI implementation's installations in parallel. Remove any "SLOT=" assignment from the ebuild, as this is handled by mpi-providers. Append 'sysconfdir="$(mpi-providers\_sysconfdir)" \' to your econf arguments. In the install phase, insert "mpi-providers\_safe\_mv" to the end of the installation function, as this will move the installation destination in such a way to support parallel installs in /usr/lib/mpi.
+## mpi-select.eclass
+This allows other mpi software to be built with multiple MPI implementations. For example, if you want to build HPL with mpich _and_ openmpi, mpi-select will build mpich and openmpi against HPL.