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* fixed function call errors, added to src_installHEADmasterMichael Gilroy2017-07-131-6/+25
* updated src_* with multilib optionsMichael Gilroy2017-07-121-1/+47
* removed incorrect src_* settings, removed multilib emulation in favor of mult...Michael Gilroy2017-07-102-287/+70
* set up initial dependencies functionMichael Gilroy2017-07-081-0/+13
* provided better comments for existing helper functionsMichael Gilroy2017-07-081-0/+19
* gcc 5 needs cflags and flag-o-matic inheritMichael Gilroy2017-07-072-2/+6
* setting mpich-specific econf & src_installMichael Gilroy2017-07-071-3/+28
* modifications to MPI_TARGETSMichael Gilroy2017-07-062-4/+13
* new mpi_wrapper for env variables and make.conf probeMichael Gilroy2017-07-052-6/+23
* exporting BUILD_DIR per implementationMichael Gilroy2017-07-051-0/+4
* updated non multibuild-related eclass with src_* functionsMichael Gilroy2017-06-301-59/+45
* expanded to mpi-select-r1, for non-multibuild testingMichael Gilroy2017-06-301-0/+165
* removed *_implentation_install. testing _mpi_runMichael Gilroy2017-06-291-17/+3
* repoman appeasement through manifest/metadataMichael Gilroy2017-06-291-1/+1
* testing mpi-select with new ebuild, purely diagnosticMichael Gilroy2017-06-271-1/+20
* added latest openmpi, revised /etc statements in mpi-providersMichael Gilroy2017-06-241-4/+5
* expanded upon mpi-select, work in progressMichael Gilroy2017-06-231-17/+89
* revised find statementMichaelJGilroy2017-06-191-2/+3
* added multilib for testing & learningMichael Gilroy2017-06-161-0/+472
* Merge branch 'master' into devMichael Gilroy2017-06-162-7/+10
| * reformatting and refactoringMichaelJGilroy2017-06-162-6/+10
* | breaking up find statement for error handling purposesMichael Gilroy2017-06-161-1/+2
* added conditoins based on implementation (pseudocode)MichaelJGilroy2017-06-141-6/+21
* exporting functionsMichaelJGilroy2017-06-141-5/+29
* fixed mv issues with docsMichael Gilroy2017-06-141-1/+3
* more stable version of mpi-providers.eclassMichael Gilroy2017-06-131-5/+7
* added multilib-minimal.eclass for testing (for mpi-select design)Michael Gilroy2017-06-131-0/+124
* non-rsync approach written for testingMichael Gilroy2017-06-121-28/+10
* made mpi-select frameworkMichaelJGilroy2017-06-111-0/+12
* added generic implementat_install functionMichaelJGilroy2017-06-101-0/+18
* safe_mv stableMichaelJGilroy2017-06-081-5/+0
* safe_mv now moves to /usr/lib/mpi and /etc/- correctlyMichaelJGilroy2017-06-081-18/+42
* added mpi-select frameworkMichaelJGilroy2017-06-071-0/+15
* made minimal eclass for 2nd eclassMichaelJGilroy2017-06-061-2/+2
* safe_mv now works in preserving documentation and moving everything elseMichaelJGilroy2017-06-061-4/+22
* updated DEST, conditional no longer neededMichaelJGilroy2017-06-051-5/+4
* trying new mv directroyMichaelJGilroy2017-06-051-2/+2
* installing to EPREFIX/etc/* nowMichaelJGilroy2017-06-021-1/+1
* going back to vanilla eprefixMichaelJGilroy2017-06-021-2/+0
* adjusted installation directoryMichaelJGilroy2017-06-021-1/+1
* added initial function for safely moving final installation directoryMichaelJGilroy2017-06-021-6/+11
* got rid of get_slot function in favor of static SLOT variableMichaelJGilroy2017-06-011-6/+1
* added mpi-providers.eclassMichaelJGilroy2017-05-311-0/+27
* Switching to mpi-providersMichaelJGilroy2017-05-311-29/+0
* Added list of implementations and simple function to assign slotsMichaelJGilroy2017-05-301-2/+19
* setup initial eclassMichaelJGilroy2017-05-301-0/+12