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authorMykyta Holubakha <hilobakho@gmail.com>2017-06-28 05:21:31 +0300
committerMykyta Holubakha <hilobakho@gmail.com>2017-06-28 05:21:31 +0300
commit50bf86830113bdf0278dad413d3b236c0ba53e5f (patch)
tree9307ac6a4a073b9ed729e9a728bcf0627d522729 /pomu/package.py
parentAdd local ebuild file backend (diff)
Major updates and refactorings
added and updated parameter descriptions to most function docstrings cleaned up imports over the whole project converted Package to use file path mappings internally fixed errors in manifest generation fixed handling slots and adding paths to index in merge process converted package removal (by name) to use repository metadata truly integrated the local ebuild package source module separated package-related utilities into a separate pkg module separated portage repo-related utilities into a separate portage module excluded the tests package from installation
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1 files changed, 23 insertions, 18 deletions
diff --git a/pomu/package.py b/pomu/package.py
index 4a07cbe..d59bd4f 100644
--- a/pomu/package.py
+++ b/pomu/package.py
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ from pomu.util.fs import strip_prefix
from pomu.util.result import Result
class Package():
- def __init__(self, backend, name, root, category=None, version=None, slot='0', d_path=None, files=None):
+ def __init__(self, backend, name, root, category=None, version=None, slot='0', d_path=None, files=None, filemap=None):
backend - specific source module object/class
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ class Package():
d_path - a subdirectory of the root path, which would be sourced recursively.
could be a relative or an absolute path
files - a set of files to build a package from
+ filemap - a mapping from destination files to files in the filesystem
category, version, slot - self-descriptive
self.backend = backend
@@ -31,21 +32,24 @@ class Package():
self.category = category
self.version = version
self.slot = slot
- self.files = []
- if d_path is None and files is None:
+ self.filemap = {}
+ if d_path is None and files is None and filemap is None:
self.d_path = None
- elif files is None:
+ elif d_path:
self.d_path = self.strip_root(d_path)
self.read_path(path.join(self.root, self.d_path))
- elif d_path is None:
+ elif files:
for f in files:
- self.files.append(path.split(self.strip_root(f)))
+ dst = self.strip_root(f)
+ self.filemap[dst] = path.join(self.root, dst)
+ elif filemap:
+ self.filemap = filemap
- raise ValueError('You should specify either d_path, or files')
+ raise ValueError('You should specify either d_path, files or filemap')
def strip_root(self, d_path):
- """Strip the root component of a path"""
+ """Strip the root component of d_path"""
# the path should be either relative, or a child of root
if d_path.startswith('/'):
if path.commonprefix(d_path, self.root) != self.root:
@@ -54,36 +58,37 @@ class Package():
return d_path
def read_path(self, d_path):
- """Recursively add files from a subtree"""
+ """Recursively add files from a subtree (specified by d_path)"""
for wd, dirs, files in walk(d_path):
wd = self.strip_root(wd)
- self.files.extend([(wd, f) for f in files])
+ self.filemap.update({path.join(wd, f): path.join(self.root, wd, f) for f in files})
def merge_into(self, dst):
- """Merges contents of the package into a specified directory"""
- for wd, f in self.files:
+ """Merges contents of the package into a specified directory (dst)"""
+ for trg, src in self.filemap.items():
+ wd, _ = path.split(trg)
dest = path.join(dst, wd)
- makedirs(dest, exist_ok=True)
- copy2(path.join(self.root, wd, f), dest)
+ makedirs(wd, exists_ok=True)
+ copy2(src, dest)
except PermissionError:
return Result.Err('You do not have enough permissions')
return Result.Ok()
def gen_manifests(self, dst):
- Generate manifests for the installed package.
+ Generate manifests for the installed package (in the dst directory).
TODO: use portage APIs instead of calling repoman.
- dirs = [x for wd, f in self.files if y.endswith('.ebuild')]
+ dirs = [wd for wd, f in self.files if f.endswith('.ebuild')]
dirs = list(set(dirs))
res = []
for d_ in dirs:
- d = path.join(dst, d)
+ d = path.join(dst, d_)
ret = subprocess.run(['repoman', 'manifest'],
stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE,
- if r != 0:
+ if ret.returncode != 0:
return Result.Err('Failed to generate manifest at', d)
if path.exists(path.join(d, 'Manifest')):
res.append(path.join(d, 'Manifest'))