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+# Limit Login Attempts German Translation
+# Copyright (C) 2009 Johan Eenfeldt
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the Wordpress package.
+# Johan Eenfeldt <>, 2009.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: limit-login-attempts 1.3\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2009-01-28 17:17+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-03-05 00:16+0200\n"
+"Last-Translator: Robert Tudor <>\n"
+"Language-Team: German <>\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
+"X-Poedit-Language: German\n"
+"X-Poedit-Country: GERMANY\n"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:372
+#, php-format
+msgid "%d hour"
+msgid_plural "%d hours"
+msgstr[0] "%d ora"
+msgstr[1] "%d ore"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:378
+#, php-format
+msgid "%d minute"
+msgid_plural "%d minutes"
+msgstr[0] "%d Minut"
+msgstr[1] "%d Minute"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:381
+#, php-format
+msgid "[%s] Too many failed login attempts"
+msgstr "[%s] Prea multe incercari nereusite"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:383
+#, php-format
+msgid "%d failed login attempts (%d lockout(s)) from IP: %s"
+msgstr "%d incercari de logare nereusite (%d inchidere(i)) de la IP: %s"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:387
+#, php-format
+msgid "Last user attempted: %s"
+msgstr "Ultimul incercare: %s"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:390
+#, php-format
+msgid "IP was blocked for %s"
+msgstr "IP-ul a fost blocat pentru %s."
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:445
+msgid "<strong>ERROR</strong>: Too many failed login attempts."
+msgstr "<strong>EROARE</strong>: Prea multe incercari nereusite."
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:449
+msgid "Please try again later."
+msgstr "Va rugam incercati mai tarziu."
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:456
+#, php-format
+msgid "Please try again in %d hour."
+msgid_plural "Please try again in %d hours."
+msgstr[0] "Va rugam incercati in %d ora."
+msgstr[1] "Va rugam incercati in %d ore"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:458
+#, php-format
+msgid "Please try again in %d minute."
+msgid_plural "Please try again in %d minutes."
+msgstr[0] "Va rugam incercati in %d Minut."
+msgstr[1] "Va rugam incercati in %d Minute."
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:487
+#, php-format
+msgid "<strong>%d</strong> attempt remaining."
+msgid_plural "<strong>%d</strong> attempts remaining."
+msgstr[0] "incercare ramasa <strong>%d</strong>"
+msgstr[1] "incercari ramasa <strong>%d</strong>"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:551
+msgid "<strong>ERROR</strong>: Incorrect username or password."
+msgstr "<strong>EROARE</strong>: Nume de utilizator sau parola incorecta."
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:714
+msgid "IP|Internet address"
+msgstr "IP"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:714
+msgid "Tried to log in as"
+msgstr "A incercat sa se logheze ca"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:719
+#, php-format
+msgid "%d lockout"
+msgid_plural "%d lockouts"
+msgstr[0] "%d inchidere"
+msgstr[1] "%d inchideri"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:743
+msgid "Cleared IP log"
+msgstr "Am curatat logul cu IP"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:751
+msgid "Reset lockout count"
+msgstr "Reseteaza numaratoarea inchiderilor"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:759
+msgid "Cleared current lockouts"
+msgstr "Am curatat numaratoarea inchiderilor"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:788
+msgid "Options changed"
+msgstr "Optiuni schimbate"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:799
+msgid "<strong>NOTE:</strong> Only works in Wordpress 2.7 or later"
+msgstr "<strong>NOTA:</strong> Functioneaza doar in Wordpress 2.7 sau mai nou."
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:815
+#, php-format
+msgid "It appears the site is reached directly (from your IP: %s)"
+msgstr "Se pare ca site-ul este accesat direct (de la IP-ul dvs: %s)"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:817
+#, php-format
+msgid "It appears the site is reached through a proxy server (proxy IP: %s, your IP: %s)"
+msgstr "Se pare ca site-ul este accesat printr-un adresa PROXY (IP Proxy: %s, IP dvs.: %s)"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:825
+#, php-format
+msgid "<strong>Current setting appears to be invalid</strong>. Please make sure it is correct. Further information can be found <a href=\"%s\" title=\"FAQ\">here</a>"
+msgstr "<strong>Se pare ca setarile curente sunt invalide</strong>. Verificati corectitudinea lor. Mai multe informatii pot fi gasite <a href=\"%s\" title=\"FAQ\">aici</a>"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:833
+msgid "Limit Login Attempts Settings"
+msgstr "Setari Limitari Incercari Access"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:834
+msgid "Statistics"
+msgstr "Statistici"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:838
+msgid "Total lockouts"
+msgstr "Total inchideri"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:841
+msgid "Reset Counter"
+msgstr "Reseteaza numaratoarea"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:842
+#, php-format
+msgid "%d lockout since last reset"
+msgid_plural "%d lockouts since last reset"
+msgstr[0] "%d inchidere de la ultima resetare"
+msgstr[1] "%d inchideri de la ultima resetare"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:843
+msgid "No lockouts yet"
+msgstr "Nici o inchidere pana acum"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:848
+msgid "Active lockouts"
+msgstr "Inchideri active"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:850
+msgid "Restore Lockouts"
+msgstr "Restaureaza inchideri"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:851
+#, php-format
+msgid "%d IP is currently blocked from trying to log in"
+msgstr "IP-ul %d are momentan accesul de intrare blocat."
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:857
+msgid "Options"
+msgstr "Optiuni"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:861
+msgid "Lockout"
+msgstr "Inchidere"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:863
+msgid "allowed retries"
+msgstr "incercari permise"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:864
+msgid "minutes lockout"
+msgstr "inchidere in minute"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:865
+msgid "lockouts increase lockout time to"
+msgstr "inchiderile maresc timpul in"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:865
+msgid "hours"
+msgstr "ore"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:866
+msgid "hours until retries are reset"
+msgstr "ore pana cand incercarile sunt resetate"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:870
+msgid "Site connection"
+msgstr "Conexie site"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:876
+msgid "Direct connection"
+msgstr "Conexie directa"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:881
+msgid "From behind a reversy proxy"
+msgstr "In spatele unui proxy"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:887
+msgid "Handle cookie login"
+msgstr "Logare tip cookie"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:889
+msgid "Yes"
+msgstr "Da"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:889
+msgid "No"
+msgstr "Nu"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:894
+msgid "Notify on lockout"
+msgstr "Notifica-ma de inchidere"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:896
+msgid "Log IP"
+msgstr "Logheaza IP"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:897
+msgid "Email to admin after"
+msgstr "Notifica adminul dupa"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:897
+msgid "lockouts"
+msgstr "inchideri"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:902
+msgid "Change Options"
+msgstr "Schimba optiunile"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:910
+msgid "Lockout log"
+msgstr "Log de inchidere"
+#: limit-login-attempts.php:914
+msgid "Clear Log"
+msgstr "Sterge log"
+#. Plugin Name of an extension
+msgid "Limit Login Attempts"
+msgstr "Limiteaza incercarile de logare"
+#. Plugin URI of an extension
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+#. Description of an extension
+msgid "Limit rate of login attempts, including by way of cookies, for each IP."
+msgstr "Limiteaza ratia incercarilor de logare, incluzand cookie, pentru fiecare IP."
+#. Author of an extension
+msgid "Johan Eenfeldt"
+msgstr "Johan Eenfeldt"
+#. Author URI of an extension
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""