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* Update akismet 3.3.4Anthony G. Basile2017-09-011-5/+49
* Update akismet 3.3.2Anthony G. Basile2017-05-201-1/+1
* Update Aksimet v3.3.1, Jetpack v 4.9, Public Post Preview v 2.6.0Yury German2017-05-053-37/+59
* Upgrade Akismet to 3.3Yury German2017-03-073-212/+331
* Update plugin akismet to 3.2Anthony G. Basile2016-09-111-4/+4
* Update plugin akismet to 3.1.11Anthony G. Basile2016-05-181-1/+2
* Bug 574468 forgot akismetYury German2016-02-132-40/+184
* Update plugins and themes to the latest versions.Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto (jmbsvicetto)2015-05-014-0/+556