Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Update jetpack 5.2.1Anthony G. Basile2017-09-0165-65/+65
* Update jetpack 5.0Anthony G. Basile2017-06-1568-68/+68
* Update Aksimet v3.3.1, Jetpack v 4.9, Public Post Preview v 2.6.0Yury German2017-05-0565-65/+65
* Update jetpack 4.8.2Anthony G. Basile2017-04-1668-64/+68
* Jetpack upgrade 4.7Yury German2017-03-073-3/+3
* updating jetpack pluginYury German2017-01-2464-64/+64
* Update plugin jetpack to 4.4.2Anthony G. Basile2017-01-0334-34/+34
* Update plugin jetpack to 4.4.1Anthony G. Basile2016-11-3064-64/+64
* Update plugin jetpack to 4.3.2Anthony G. Basile2016-10-2364-61/+64
* Update plugin jetpack to 4.3.1Anthony G. Basile2016-09-1161-0/+61