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diff --git a/etc/catalyst.conf b/etc/catalyst.conf
index 7d7f7ab..5a5eedb 100644
--- a/etc/catalyst.conf
+++ b/etc/catalyst.conf
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ contents="auto"
# distdir specifies where your distfiles are located. This setting should
# work fine for most default installations.
# envscript allows users to set options such as http proxies, MAKEOPTS,
# GENTOO_MIRRORS, or any other environment variables needed for building.
@@ -84,18 +84,18 @@ hash_function="crc32"
options="autoresume bindist kerncache pkgcache seedcache snapcache"
# Source portdir specifies the source portage tree used by the snapshot target.
# Target portdir setting. It needs to be in 2 parts.
# They will be used separately, then added together where needed.
# eg:
-# repo_basedir="/var/lib/repos"
+# repo_basedir="/var/db/repos"
# repo_name="gentoo"
# sharedir specifies where all of the catalyst runtime executables
# and other shared lib objects are.