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* Custom doodle-like featureJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-08-031-0/+33
* Add license informationJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-08-011-0/+15
* Fix rake task for updating discussion times on AgendaItemsJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-111-2/+1
* Pull information on how long meeting took from Gentoo archivesJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-111-0/+10
* Allow all users to voteJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-061-0/+34
* Cucumber with a login feature demonstrating cookies workJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-131-0/+50
* A plain hobo applicationJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-101-0/+0