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+.. _echangelog: ..
+The ``ChangeLog`` should be used to record all non-trivial changes to ebuilds,
+*including keywording changes*. The `echangelog`_ tool should be used to create
+``ChangeLog`` entries -- the format of a ``ChangeLog`` is now defined as
+"whatever ``echangelog`` creates".
+You should include references to any relevant bugs. The standard format for
+doing this is via the phrase ``bug #20600`` -- this format (with the hash sign
+included) is recognised via `packages.gentoo.org <http://packages.gentoo.org/>`_
+and similar tools. When including user-submitted ebuilds or patches, you should
+credit the user with their full name and email address (or whatever they use to
+identify themselves on bugzilla -- some users prefer to be known only by a
+A typical ``ChangeLog`` snippet might look like the following:
+.. CODESAMPLE changelog
+.. vim: set ft=glep tw=80 sw=4 et spell spelllang=en : ..