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@@ -24,10 +24,14 @@ man page.
- Choose a file name in the proper format: YYYY-MM-DD-name.lang.txt,
- where the date is followed by a name (a-z, 0-9, + (plus), - (hyphen)
- and _ (underscore)), the two-letter ISO language code (en for English
- must be chosen as default) and the file extension txt.
+ Choose a filename in the proper format:
+ <c>YYYY-MM-DD-shortname.lang.txt</c>, i.e. the date, followed by a very
+ short name of at most 20 characters and consisting only of <c>a-z</c>,
+ <c>0-9</c>, <c>+</c> (plus), <c>-</c> (hyphen) and <c>_</c> (underscore).
+ This is followed by <c>lang</c> which is an
+ <uri link="https://tools.ietf.org/rfc/bcp/bcp47.txt">IETF language
+ tag</uri>. Always use <c>en</c> for English, unless you are translating
+ a news item. Finally, the filename ends with the extension <c>txt</c>.
Write the news item, which is similar to a RFC-compliant email. Details
@@ -44,19 +48,11 @@ man page.
importance and should be revoked (can be possible).
- Upon acceptance, create a detached armored GnuPG signature with
- gpg --local-user --detach-sign --armor YYYY-MM-DD-name.lang.txt
- </li>
- <li>
- Verify that your signature is correct with
- gpg --verify YYYY-MM-DD-name.lang.txt.asc YYYY-MM-DD-name.lang.txt
- </li>
- <li>
Create a directory structure for your item in the gentoo-news repository
- YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD-name/.
+ <c>YYYY-MM-DD-shortname/</c>.
- <li>Add both the news file and the signature to that directory.</li>
+ <li>Add the news file to that directory.</li>
<li>Commit and push your changes to the gentoo-news repository.</li>