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parentebuild-writing/.../cvs-sources: fix typo s/ECVS_TOPDIR/ECVS_TOP_DIR/ #298570 (diff)
general-concepts/mirrors: remove manual chmod ug+rw on mirrored files #314183
Per Bug 314183 comment 3, remove the mention of chmod ug+rw on files uploaded to dev.g.o for mirroring purposes. Gentoo-Bug: https://bugs.gentoo.org/314183
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@@ -103,10 +103,9 @@ parent directories, are world-readable.
To manually upload a file to <c>mirror://gentoo</c>, <c>scp</c> it to
-<c>dev.gentoo.org:/space/distfiles-local</c>. You must ensure that the permissions
-are set to <c>ug+rw</c> manually. The file should appear on the mirrors within four
-hours (note that this is <e>less frequent</e> than
-<uri link="::general-concepts/git-to-rsync"/>).
+<c>dev.gentoo.org:/space/distfiles-local</c>. The file should appear
+on the mirrors within four hours (note that this is <e>less
+frequent</e> than <uri link="::general-concepts/git-to-rsync"/>).
If the upstream download location for a package uses a non-standard TCP port
(anything other than 21, 80 or 443), you <e>must</e> manually mirror the files. Not