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@@ -215,6 +215,10 @@ to the package manager.
+The following description applies to all EAPIs starting with EAPI 2.
There are two kinds of blockers: soft blockers and hard blockers.
@@ -233,11 +237,17 @@ to solve file collisions between packages and are meaningful only
in <c>RDEPEND</c>.
+Soft blockers that are pure <c>DEPEND</c> <e>do not work correctly</e>.
+While Portage seemingly queues the package for removal, it <e>does not</e>
+exempt their contents from file collision checks. Always include your
+soft blockers in <c>RDEPEND</c>!
If it is strictly necessary to resolve the blocker before the package
-is built (installed) or if automatic resolution is undesired,
-a hard blocker must be used instead. Hard blockers are not resolved
-automatically, and are expressed using the following syntax:
+is built (installed), a hard blocker must be used instead. Hard blockers
+are expressed using the following syntax:
<codesample lang="ebuild">
@@ -254,10 +264,6 @@ or when it is installed from a binary package.
-Hard blocks require EAPI 2 or newer.
Specific versions can also be blocked: