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parentAdding the last xml files, then I'll fix all of the addresses in one shot (diff)
All of the URLs should work now except for ebuild-writing/file-format/'s reference to glep31check since all of the tool pages weren't added yet (I thought they were)
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Since v2.05a, <c>bash</c> has offered intelligent programmable completion. Writing
such completions for your own programs/things you maintain is relatively easy
-provided you know bash already. See `bash-completion.eclass Reference`_ for how
-to install completion files.
+provided you know bash already. See <uri link="::eclass-reference/bash-completion.eclass/"/>
+for how to install completion files.
@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ are subsequently reset.
-See `bash-1`_ for a full description of these builtins and their options.
+See <c>man bash</c> for a full description of these builtins and their options.